Wednesday, November 23, 2011


SSCXWC 2011 Report By Ashley(.ca)

On a weekend that had a gap in the local CX calendar, I decided to head to the City by the Bay for the Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships. It was an adventure from the start and filled with 3 wonderful days of riding. The Hodala/Raleigh Team (ed. note - this page has some excellent photos) was great in welcoming this wayward northerner in to their space, and provided a base that was 10 minutes ride from the race venue.

There was a qualifier that unfortunately had a pose-down component, as well as a 150m beach run-up and California St Hill Climb, all 3 things that I need to work on.


I raced the Men's C race and the Men's SS EAW.   I missed the call-up for the C's and started 10 seconds off the back of the pack, I ended up in 8th and some worn brake pads to thank for increased corner speed.   

The course was really sloppy and rainy 2 hours later, when the Mens SS EAW race went. A great course with a steep hike a bike,  It's all about climbing in San Fran. The EAW was a consolation for all the folks that lacked the ability to pose, climb, and cheat their way to a position in the Mens Main. I ended up in 28th not bad, unlike my outfit:

are you sick?
Next year, SSCXWC is supposed to be in Santa Cruz. I will be trying to bring Mighty to the Main Event, and hopefully drag a few accomplices with me as well.

*I'll be there next year; based on the report from Stevil, who I do not know, I missed far too much whiskey in my friend's pants:

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idieh said...

DotCA! It was awesome having you around this weekend! Thanks for a good time.