Wednesday, August 27, 2014

World Champion! ...of Tuesdays.

The final EV Tuesday Nighter was last night and the final season standings are here.  Sara won the women's and Jen was 4th.  This gets her name on the big ass fancy trophy.  And beer money!  Cory had enough points to finish 8th overall in Cat 3 but raced the last month with the big kids in Cat 1/2.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Summer Dirt Trippin 2014

 With the road racing season almost wrapped up, it was time to take the fitness and go ride some dirt roads.  No real plan other than to get in as much climbing as possible and to check out some places i've been trying to get back to for too long.

Day 1: the top of Blowdown Creek FSR

Day 2: Relay Creek FSR.  An early top-out where you can see Dash Hill in the distance, the day's turnaround.

Dash Hill.

The turnaround at Dash Hill.  LIke a lot of my shitty cell pics, this was a little disappointing as you can't tell how high up this is or how steep this road that turns into a trail is.  This region is amazing.

It's a little better if you turn around...

The view east over Carpenter Reservoir at the end of Day 2.

Day 3:  The picturesque (albeit dead) estuary at the east end of Carpenter Reservoir heading to Bralorne.

The Bralorne climb.  Hurley River valley in foreground, looking out to Bridge River valley and glacier. 

The far end of Downton Reservoir.  The second of three big BC Hydro batteries up this way.

The Bridge River FSR crosses all these crazy creek canyons and waterfalls.  They need to be seen in person to get the size of them.

About half way down Downton Reservoir.

This used to be the town of Minto.  Now it's my hot tub.

Day 4: Eldorado Mtn just peaking around the corner.

Crazy views when up this high.

Some silly singletrack up on the Cinnabar trail.  I asked myself:  what would Meat do?  Then tried to do the opposite...

Day 5:  Yalokam FSR.  Another great ride.  After this pic you start climbing towards Poison Mtn.  And shortly after heading up that way I found myself hugging a pretty Spruce tree (she was really quite lovely) to avoid the lightning and sleet storm. 

A very good trip.  And best to get up there before the glaciers melt if you want to ride to see the amazing views.  

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Chilli Lake

I spent Sunday dialling in the new gravel/winter bike on the backside of Chilliwack Lake.  Mmm, backsides.

New Brodie Romax.  Yay!

I feel like I get bonus points for finding a beach all to myself on a hot Sunday in August. 

Glaciers and waterfalls.  Bike is great and all prepped for upcoming altitude camp...