Tuesday, November 29, 2011

BC CX Champs

A good lower mainland drenching all day Saturday left the kids with some real good mud to play in on Sunday up at Mahon Park for the Provincial Championships.
The Legendary Loder
(Photos courtesy of Doug Brons)

Masters Men 50+:  Lowball Loder 3rd
Elite Women:  Stacey 6th (excellent Appleton feeding technique)
Elite Men:  Meat 13th (a little spillage but took the most feeds)
Paul 15th
Masters Men 30-39:  Ashley 20th

 Stacey with the game face on.
 Meat with the game beard on.
 Paul looking smooth.
 Teen Wolf.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

This Thing: The Cycling Version

I'm not crazy about the lack of attention to detail in the font choice—but hey, I'm one of the people who chases down your creaking bottom brackets...
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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


SSCXWC 2011 Report By Ashley(.ca)

On a weekend that had a gap in the local CX calendar, I decided to head to the City by the Bay for the Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships. It was an adventure from the start and filled with 3 wonderful days of riding. The Hodala/Raleigh Team (ed. note - this page has some excellent photos) was great in welcoming this wayward northerner in to their space, and provided a base that was 10 minutes ride from the race venue.

There was a qualifier that unfortunately had a pose-down component, as well as a 150m beach run-up and California St Hill Climb, all 3 things that I need to work on.


I raced the Men's C race and the Men's SS EAW.   I missed the call-up for the C's and started 10 seconds off the back of the pack, I ended up in 8th and some worn brake pads to thank for increased corner speed.   

The course was really sloppy and rainy 2 hours later, when the Mens SS EAW race went. A great course with a steep hike a bike,  It's all about climbing in San Fran. The EAW was a consolation for all the folks that lacked the ability to pose, climb, and cheat their way to a position in the Mens Main. I ended up in 28th not bad, unlike my outfit:

are you sick?
Next year, SSCXWC is supposed to be in Santa Cruz. I will be trying to bring Mighty to the Main Event, and hopefully drag a few accomplices with me as well.

*I'll be there next year; based on the report from Stevil, who I do not know, I missed far too much whiskey in my friend's pants: http://www.allhailtheblackmarket.com/2011/11/ok_now_what_the_hell_just_happ.html

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bare Bones Track Race

While the CX kids were busy cross-dressing in the rain/mud/yuk out in Surrey last week, Ryan and Claire rode around in endless circles.  They were competing in the Bare Bones Track Race at the Burnaby Velodrome last Saturday and Sunday.  Ryan finished 5th Overall in the C's while Claire was 4th Overall in the B's.

Pictures courtesy of Tony Hoare

 Mighty alumni Jenny.

Monday, November 14, 2011

South Surrey CX Race Report


There was a race. And it was in South Surrey. And it was good.

Real race report HERE.

Mighty Riders had a huge volunteer showing to make this happen, thanks to all of you that showed and stood in the close to 0° weather, taking numbers, money and placements, while slanging chili dogs and verbal harassment.

I don't have any photos of the volunteers; let me know if you got em.

Because of the volunteers, many of us were able to race. Results:

Citizen Men

10th - Meshkat Javid (crushing Andrew Summers)

Men 3/4:

1st - Meat Hornland (now upgraded to Cat 1/2...)
4th - Paul McCloskey (same deal with that whole Cat 1/2 thing)
12th - Ashley Stotts (also known as the waffle man)

Masters Men 3/4 (31 starters!):

16th - Jay "What-Time-Show-Time" Loder

Thanks to Matt Kennedy for letting me borrow his shoes and also for not coming down with a case of hypothermia.

Pics from the races here and here.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

South Surrey Cyclocross Nov. 12th

Hey there kids. Interested in the South Surrey Cyclcocross race coming up November 12, 2011? I KNOW I AM. This COLLAB is with Daryl-Evans and is in our favourite place, the South Surrey Athletic Park.

Preregistration is now open! Check it out HERE.

Permanent details HERE and you can see the outrageously colourful poster below:

Thanks to everyone who has volunteered or intends to! We'll organize jobs and whatnot and keep you in the loop.