Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin CX

Another great Halloween Pumpkin Cross has come and gone. Local Ride once again managed to scare the bejeezus out of the BC cyclocross racers. Or at least get them really dirty.

Cat 1/2 Men: Nick Berry on the extended podium with a 4th place.

Women: Stacey 5th, Jenny 9th, Haley 11th. Of note was Stacey swimming the mud pond for the prime on lap 3 only to have found somebody already got it. D'oh!

Masters Men: Jay Loder 25th.
Cat 4 Men: Barry 25th.

Below: Jean Ann McKirdy - women's winner and a terrifying member of the hosts, Local Ride

Below: Pimp Daddy Paul Craig, another Local Ride'r who helped put on a great race. Apparently the inspiration of the Spiral of Death which came right after the Spooky Forest section...
Thanks to Ted for the great pics! Rest of the set is HERE.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Escape Velocity CX BC Cup #4

The real cyclocross weather finally showed itself and the kids faced a wet, techincal course out in Burnaby's Foreshore Park.

Cat 4 Men: Meat was 2nd with Matt in 3rd after a good last lap battle with some questionable navigating by Matt... This gives Matt the points to upgrade to Cat 3 with Meat likely to follow soon.

Masters Men: Rob is moving up each week and finished 7th.

Women: Stacey was 5th and Haley in 12th. Stacey is now sitting 2nd in the BC Cup Overall just two points behind first with two races left in the series.

Cat 1 Men: Nick fought a good battle, mostly with the tight course, to finish 6th. This puts Nick in 6th overall for the BC Cup series.

The next local race to come out and yell at the kids or perhaps get dirty cross dressing is Local Ride's Pumpkin Cross which is always a blast. Check out the full calendar here: http://www.cyclingbc.net/calendar-cyclocross

Monday, October 11, 2010


I'm certainly not a 'weight weenie' about light bikes/components but sometimes it has it's place. The boys at the shop helped Bill put together this sweet ride for his mom's 80th birthday. Check out the bling fork and stem. According to Bill, "After being used to her old 3 speed Raleigh, she couldn't keep it on the ground." Sounds like she's ready for the bike park with Nick/Barber/Morgan.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Brighton Park & Vanier Park CX

Lots of results so I am just gonna list them by category. First up on the beautiful Saturday was New Brighton Park:

Cat 4 Men: Matt 3rd, Meat 5th (missed in results), Barry 25th
Cat 3 Men: Paul 4th
Masters Men: Rob 13th, Loder 31st
Cat 1/2 Men: Nick 4th
Women: Stacey 6th, Haley 9th
Tykes: Sophie lapped the field

Sunday the weather was closer to Cyclocross norms for Vanier Park:

Cat 4 Men: Meat 3rd, Matt 5th, Barry 29th
Cat 3 Men: Paul 1st
Masters Men: Rob 12th, Jay 27th
Cat 1/2 Men: Nick 6th, Basse 13th
Women: Stacey 4th, Haley 13th

Thanks to Sean for bringing the tent out, MJ the beer and Ryan and Ted for the great pics.
Ryans pics: HERE