Thursday, May 31, 2012

Climbing 101

Wanna learn how to climb?  
Ride the Duffy Lake Road north from Pemberton to Lillooet.  
Hardest paved climb in BC.  But if you come back down it you will catch (and pass...) motor vehicles.  It will make everything else uphill feel easy.  Srsly.

Thanks to Mark Sherman for the pics.  He flew there, rode it, flew home.  It's that good...

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Race the Ridge

Claire 3rd overall
Mighty had a good showing at Race the Ridge this year with Claire and Jen Gerth racing the women's Elite, Lats, Meat, Paul and Ryan racing in Men's 3, Ian racing Men's 4s, and several previous Mightys.

Our reported club name varied between "Mighty Cycling", "Mighty Riders", and  "  ".

Claire finished up with a win in the Town Core Crit, 2nd in the road race and a 3rd in the GC, and Jen taking 11th in GC.

Mens 3s showed Lats, consistent as he is, finishing 7th in all 4 orderings: overall, road race, time trial and crit.  And in good Mighty fashion, the rest of us tried to control the race from the back, taking 18th, 19th and 20th overall.

Ian had a strong TT Saturday afternoon after rolling his tubular in the road race in the morning (fortunately finding a "soft" spot on the ground to go down on).

See the report from Local Ride here, more pics here, and full results here.