Saturday, February 27, 2016

Lillooet Spring 2016

We had a good group out for the annual Spring (Winter?) training camp up in Lillooet.  Hills, wind and assholes have everybody ready for a great race season.

The heart of darkness.  This is the turnaround to the Damned Dam ride.

The 80kph descent from Pavillion.

Day 1.  No crying.  Yet.

The top of the dam at Carpenter Lake.

Jerks and assholes galore.

And ninjas.

Meat having a bad day.

 Working our way up the frozen canyon to the dam.

 Assholes post-ride chillin.

Pumping Iron with Lats.

Bridge River road.

Day 3 towards Lytton.

The lookout up the first big Duffey climb was pretty good for Feb.

Sun.  Mountains.  Good times.