Saturday, December 13, 2014

Xmas Party Fun

A big thanks to the XXXmas Party committee - Liisa, Steph, Karen, Meat, Ryan, Morgan - and to Ed and all the staff at Mighty and OTR for another wonderful evening of Holiday debauchery and sexual harassment.  The fun began at OTR with beer from 33 Acres and awards.

Dove, extremely pleased with his "I only ride to Instagram that shit" award.

Some loud little guy on a box was the presenter.

Cory winning "Most Pro" which was a package of shaving razors from all of us hairy types.  At least one of us has gotta look purdy.

Sara collected her "Most Beer Fines" award.  We had to send her to ride for some team with a beer sponsor in 2015 so she can start her long road out of debt.

Before heading down to the Anza for more beer it was of course time to unleash the old tradition of Hot Laps.  Push bike vs Fat bike. Meat vs Dove.  Aero prepped for battle.  Pat slaved all day putting this Krampus monstrosity together for the kids to play on.

Berryjuice rolling things his way. Always.

Kash was not impressed.