Monday, November 14, 2011

South Surrey CX Race Report


There was a race. And it was in South Surrey. And it was good.

Real race report HERE.

Mighty Riders had a huge volunteer showing to make this happen, thanks to all of you that showed and stood in the close to 0° weather, taking numbers, money and placements, while slanging chili dogs and verbal harassment.

I don't have any photos of the volunteers; let me know if you got em.

Because of the volunteers, many of us were able to race. Results:

Citizen Men

10th - Meshkat Javid (crushing Andrew Summers)

Men 3/4:

1st - Meat Hornland (now upgraded to Cat 1/2...)
4th - Paul McCloskey (same deal with that whole Cat 1/2 thing)
12th - Ashley Stotts (also known as the waffle man)

Masters Men 3/4 (31 starters!):

16th - Jay "What-Time-Show-Time" Loder

Thanks to Matt Kennedy for letting me borrow his shoes and also for not coming down with a case of hypothermia.

Pics from the races here and here.


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