Sunday, March 28, 2010

Movin' on Up!

Spring Series fun! Ryan continues with his steep learning curve by placing 4th today in the C race after a hard back to back weekend of hilly road races. He keeps complaining they are under 200k - it's the Randonneur in him.

And Claire spent the second half of her 105km B race in the winning break, finishing 7th (on her second day of racing as well). Apparently she complained of having too many gears and would have won it if she was riding the fixed...

It would be great to see a few more bodies out for the last weekend of Spring Series racing. The Devo Classic Stage Race is next weekend with a crit/tt on the saturday and the dreaded Snake Hill Road Race on the sunday. Fun, fun, fun...

The Jeffersons - Theme Song (Movin' on Up)
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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Beating up on the Boys (and Girls).

It has been brought to my attention that I have neglected to make a post about the track exploits of our resident coach Claire Cameron. In this past season's Friday night racing at the Burnaby Velodrome (which wrapped up last week) she secured the overall victory in the B group. As you can see by the results below, this means she beat up on a whole buncha boys and girls while going round fast in circles. I guess there is a reason she teaches the Learn to Rides/Races at the track... She brings a whole lotta Chuck Norris toughness to this motley assembly.

*Edit: After looking at the results further, I've noticed Braden finished 6th overall in B's and in the C group we had Jenny coming in 4th, Stacey 8th and Wyatt in 9th.

Cameron, ClaireBw65

Lynne, StuartBmEscape Velocity62

Stevens, DavidBm61

Ludbrook, BartBm57

Crema, LidoBm55

Braden, KellyBmDevo41

Barlev, AdamBmEscape Velocity40

Person, TrevorBm38

Glaesser, JasminBwWestwood33

Gillam, DaveBm32

Jutson, TravisBmDevo32

Marcetta, EmilBm32

Macdonald, KevinBm27

Donahue, JoeBm24

Kosick, DaveBmEscape Velocity21

Brons, DustinBm20

Brynjolfson, Kristine

Gallant, BryanBmEscape Velocity20

Renwick, ZachBm20

Van der Veem. MarcelBm20

Canning, RachelBw18

Livingstone, JohnBm16

Northey, AlexBm14

Bukowski, KyleBm13

Edwards, BrandonBmMighty13

Goulet, ShawnBmKona Adobe13

Rickerts, RyanBm13

Coney, SarahBw11

Grandy, SteveBmKona Adobe10

Lehman, JennyBw10

Roorda. StephBwWhistler Giant0

Smit, NIckBmJohny Cash Racing0

Stephens, PhilBm0

Swanson, ErikBmBroadMark0

Trew, JennyBwVander Kitten0

Tucker, GerryBmBryne Gases0

Vanderstoep, BrianBm0

Vigliottie, ScottBmCVC0

Waterman, EricBmSuper Champions0