Saturday, December 13, 2014

Xmas Party Fun

A big thanks to the XXXmas Party committee - Liisa, Steph, Karen, Meat, Ryan, Morgan - and to Ed and all the staff at Mighty and OTR for another wonderful evening of Holiday debauchery and sexual harassment.  The fun began at OTR with beer from 33 Acres and awards.

Dove, extremely pleased with his "I only ride to Instagram that shit" award.

Some loud little guy on a box was the presenter.

Cory winning "Most Pro" which was a package of shaving razors from all of us hairy types.  At least one of us has gotta look purdy.

Sara collected her "Most Beer Fines" award.  We had to send her to ride for some team with a beer sponsor in 2015 so she can start her long road out of debt.

Before heading down to the Anza for more beer it was of course time to unleash the old tradition of Hot Laps.  Push bike vs Fat bike. Meat vs Dove.  Aero prepped for battle.  Pat slaved all day putting this Krampus monstrosity together for the kids to play on.

Berryjuice rolling things his way. Always.

Kash was not impressed.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Darwinism at it's finest

Not sure how this is considered a bicycle but he's got some cojones...

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fun with CX!

Cross dressing.  The cheaper Renee Zellweger option.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Dirty Riding

Sometimes the season ends and it is just time to go ride a bike.  What better place to do it than heaven. 

Monday, September 29, 2014

Foreshore and Vanier CX

All sorts of cross dressing this past wknd with the Burnaby Foreshore Park race on Sat and Vanier Park on Sunday.  And all sorts of Mighty podiums.  Full Results Here.

Novice Women - Jen Berry 2nd 
Intermediate Women - Stacey (the comeback Queen) Hutton 4th
Singlespeed - Mark Oldenburg 2nd

Novice Women - Jen Berry 5th 
Intermediate Men - Cory (somebody please explain how to crossdress, nevermind I got this) Ostertag 2nd
Intermeidate Women - Stacey Hutton 5th
Singlespeed - Nick Berry 2nd, Paul McCloskey 5th

Angry little Meat.

Angrier Cory.  Like a rabid beaver.  
Thanks to Doug Brons for the great pic.

Cory in happier times.  Pre-race chillin.

Sipple playing in the sandbox.

Everybody's hero Stacey.

McCloskey escaping kid duty.  Photo courtesy of Doug Brons

Berryjuice.  Photo courtesy of Doug Brons.

Far too nice of weather for CX imho.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Pirates Sleeper

We disguised our Irishman on the right with a sperm helmet and he has successfully infiltrated the 'Dragons' semi-pro race team.  Here he is debriefing us post season on all their inner workings... muhahahaha!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

World Mountain Running Championships - Chessa!

When some of us fat, old people think of going up a mountain we crawl back into bed, hide under the covers and curl up in the fetal position.  Other Mighty's embrace the pain and go uphill fast.  Like, really fast.  After a summer of wins and great results in her Northwest racing, Chessa headed off to Italy to test herself against the best in the world.  Some serious beer vino credits were earned.  I think I injured myself just looking at the pics.  Full Results Here.

Thanks to Oliver Bibby for the great pics.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Jezebel the Destroyer

The newest Pirate.  No laughing.  She is faster than you and/or your dogs.  And she will eat your kitties.

Monday, September 15, 2014

A team (band? herd? gaggle?) of Pirates

Jerks.  Assholes.  Training partners.  Family.

A bunch of the kids are missing but it's hard to get this many Mighty's away from the pub at any one time.  Post-Whistler race and ready for some beer to celebrate a good race season.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

2014 Whistler Giro

Guess who won the women's?  Dylan was 2nd and Cory was 6th.  A great way to wind up the season!

Full Results Here

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

World Champion! ...of Tuesdays.

The final EV Tuesday Nighter was last night and the final season standings are here.  Sara won the women's and Jen was 4th.  This gets her name on the big ass fancy trophy.  And beer money!  Cory had enough points to finish 8th overall in Cat 3 but raced the last month with the big kids in Cat 1/2.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Summer Dirt Trippin 2014

 With the road racing season almost wrapped up, it was time to take the fitness and go ride some dirt roads.  No real plan other than to get in as much climbing as possible and to check out some places i've been trying to get back to for too long.

Day 1: the top of Blowdown Creek FSR

Day 2: Relay Creek FSR.  An early top-out where you can see Dash Hill in the distance, the day's turnaround.

Dash Hill.

The turnaround at Dash Hill.  LIke a lot of my shitty cell pics, this was a little disappointing as you can't tell how high up this is or how steep this road that turns into a trail is.  This region is amazing.

It's a little better if you turn around...

The view east over Carpenter Reservoir at the end of Day 2.

Day 3:  The picturesque (albeit dead) estuary at the east end of Carpenter Reservoir heading to Bralorne.

The Bralorne climb.  Hurley River valley in foreground, looking out to Bridge River valley and glacier. 

The far end of Downton Reservoir.  The second of three big BC Hydro batteries up this way.

The Bridge River FSR crosses all these crazy creek canyons and waterfalls.  They need to be seen in person to get the size of them.

About half way down Downton Reservoir.

This used to be the town of Minto.  Now it's my hot tub.

Day 4: Eldorado Mtn just peaking around the corner.

Crazy views when up this high.

Some silly singletrack up on the Cinnabar trail.  I asked myself:  what would Meat do?  Then tried to do the opposite...

Day 5:  Yalokam FSR.  Another great ride.  After this pic you start climbing towards Poison Mtn.  And shortly after heading up that way I found myself hugging a pretty Spruce tree (she was really quite lovely) to avoid the lightning and sleet storm. 

A very good trip.  And best to get up there before the glaciers melt if you want to ride to see the amazing views.