Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Walla Walla 2014

The kids went down and wrecked havoc in Onion town.  

Sara won her TT, was second in her crit and won her RR for a commanding 12 min GC win in the Cat 3 women.  The Cat 3's raced with the Cat 1/2 women but the results were separated, otherwise, she would have been 4th overall in 1/2.  Savvy veteran Jen Gerth helped the rookie out, especially in the fast crit where she was 5th and finished 9th overall in Cat 3.

Sara in the leader's jersey for Women's Cat 3

Ryan and Cory were disappointed that the first RR was cancelled but still ended up getting Cory into 7th overall in the Cat 3 men after a hard fought 3rd place RR finish.

Full results here.  Lotsa Canadian kids beating up south of the border.  Nice.

Cory in the TT.  Photo by Chris Shepley.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

It never gets old.

The quality of my phone's camera pics still suck, but the riding in Lillooet is always the best in BC.  T-Shirt Sidic was spotted riding in from the Duffy, mouth agape at the descents and scenery.  Late Spring/Summer camps pending...

Seton Lake.  Turqoise green and glacier cold.

The top of the dam at Carpenter Lake.  

Still windy as hell but so much better when the road isn't ice 
and your bike has both brakes.

The spring melt is on.  The waterfalls up high on the Duffy are in full effect.  

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Bike Doping

I've been on my 2014 race bike, an Argon 18 Krypton, since Febuary.  The first time I did the team ride on it Cory said "I hope mine makes me that fast."  This is Bike Doping.  And now the Pirate fleet is complete. There will be five of us out wreaking havoc on our assortment of Galliums and Kryptons.

In four wknds of Spring Series battles the new rides have already found the podium three times.  More to follow...