Tuesday, November 29, 2011

BC CX Champs

A good lower mainland drenching all day Saturday left the kids with some real good mud to play in on Sunday up at Mahon Park for the Provincial Championships.
The Legendary Loder
(Photos courtesy of Doug Brons)

Masters Men 50+:  Lowball Loder 3rd
Elite Women:  Stacey 6th (excellent Appleton feeding technique)
Elite Men:  Meat 13th (a little spillage but took the most feeds)
Paul 15th
Masters Men 30-39:  Ashley 20th

 Stacey with the game face on.
 Meat with the game beard on.
 Paul looking smooth.
 Teen Wolf.


MGB said...

"I'd like to welcome Shane Savage to the infield"

savage said...

it was the voice of god shouting out to me. and i was like - dude, where's the beer?