Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tour of Aufderheide, Mt.Hood and beer!

Looking for some late season fun, we piled into the vehicles and headed down to race the Tour of Aufderheide.  This was a first year, 160k, 2000m of climbing event that is part of the Oregon Triple Crown.  It is held on an out-and-back course on the scenic roads near Eugene, OR.  

Why is Cory smiling?  Because his teammate just held off the chase group for the W.

Rob rolled off the front after 10k and towed some fat old man around for 150k to just hold off the remnants of the field that sprinted in 30 secs back.  Cory rolled in 8th, just behind, with Heavy in 14th in the next group.  Dave and Kash (in his first race!!!) rolled in 25th and 26th.

Heavy leading a chase group down the messy descent.

Conditions near the summit made the descent very interesting.  There was still snow and a storm the night before covered the steep top portions of the descent in debris.  Our lead motorcycle, on a dual purpose bike, was worried of crashing... Somewhat surprisingly, the entire field made it through ok though it was definitely some white knuckle 80kph fun.

Um, where's the beer...?

For the Sunday travel day home we stopped for a recovery climb up Mt.Hood.  

Some locals sent us up a side paved road that zig zagged up the ski run.  It must have had 20 hairpins and was perhaps the best paved climb I have ever done.  Amazing.  

 The view from the top of the main road to Hood which was our descent route.

View from the top where we tailgated with some Saskatchewan snowboarders.

Special thanks to Kash for teaching old folks how to climb this summer.  
This kid's energy is relentless.

 A road weary Cory still enjoying a great road trip.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Mission Speedway Race

In addition to the 'local' Tues and Thurs Crits, there is a weekly race series put on by Phoenix Velo and Bruce Wenting on a closed course auto/motorcycle circuit in Mission.  Mighty decided to bring a group out to race on the twisty and decidedly awesome course.

Ryan and Rob establishing the winning break.

Meat putting the hurt on that asshole Lowball.

 Asad with a great pain face.

 Summers stringing it out in his 'work' uniform.

Ashley looking chill.  Probably just waiting for the mud of CX...

Hargrove finished off the break with a sprint win and Ryan rolled in 4th.

It was great to race with some new faces on a very fun course.  Thanks to Linnaea for the sweet pics and to Stotts for the bbq.  Good beers, good times.