Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Mighty Xmas....part two!

There's not really much I can add to Shane's post...except that next year I'm gonna take my level from "stone cold sobre" to "warm and fuzzy". It's ok though, cause someone had to keep Lacho and Golbeck from wrecking the joint! I do however need to give a shout out, again, to our hosts and sponsors for the evening. Brett, owner of Rootdown Cafe, came through large with the location, and thanks to everyone chipping in I not only recouped on the keg but I was also able to give him a small chunk of dough for his efforts. Much appreciated buddy. Rick from R&B Brewing, obviously, for lubricating the troops early in the evening, and Liisa for the wonderful spread from the Reef Restaurant. Tanks, mon! Finally, our favourite local distributors came through LARGE with some last minute raffle prizes to keep everyone stoked. Dave Cressman (OGC) threw in a pair of Mavic shorts. Rob Bohncke at Raceface came through with an excellent box of goodies, from chainrings to shirts. Our pals at Precious Guise delivered some nice thermoses, and some amazing swag from Sugoi. The big ticket item though, the final prize, was a kick ass jacket from Gore, courtesy of our friends Kevin Calhoun and Ed Wright at Cycles Lambert. Not only did they deliver an excellent prize, but they stayed for the party and soaked up our Mighty vibe like a sponge! Thanks again you guys, and everyone that helped out! I think that was the party we wanted, no?
Here's some more pictures:

Coming off a big season with hot air to spare, Nick not only supplied the cutlery/decor/balloons, but also blew them up like a champ!

Morgan "check out my swag, yo" Taylor with his Raceface bling.

Brandon, who happens to be animal free, won the leather Sugoi strangler gloves (i want a pair of those!), and Liisa won the pink Raceface chainring right after she called me sexist for wishing it to go to a girl. Take that, suckas!

Our buddy Lawrence (Cima Coppi) won the Gore jacket. Pretty sure he bought the last ticket too....what a guy!

Happy Holidays everyone!!

Fun with Beer

Christmas party fallout... Actually, despite Liisa's request for our predictions of the evenings winners in the categories of Make Out/Pass Out/Wipe Out there was fairly little carnage and the whole shebang was an unquestionable success. I'm gonna let the pics speak (mostly) for themselves.

The most important use of
stainless steel - outside of bike parts of course.

Our wonderful host, Rick from R&B with B.

The concerned, intelligent contingent hanging on his every word... opposed to Sean who is distracted easily and Stacey who was considering an early bid to win the Make Out portion of Liisa's predictions.

After sampling Rick's fine product for two hours we moved on to Root Down...

...where as you can see the beer grins were in full effect.

Two of our newest members: Meat who is just getting into racing and Basse who has been turning the pedals in anger for somewhere around 20 years. Heck, he taught me how to race and I'm an old man, so...

Some of the fine young ladies at Root Down. (Chris, it looks to me like you may be losing that $100 bet...)

Now, despite the lack of photographic evidence, our humble leader, the false prophet as Lowball calls him, had his 'pants on' for the evening and Ed did in fact make an appearance. He was last seen munching away on an ice cream in the corner.

A huge thanks once again to Rick from R&B, the Reef for providing food, Bret from Root Down for putting up with us and Liisa for getting her sidekick Barber to slave away at organizing this debauchery.

Happy Holidays kids!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cross Provincials Wrap Up

Well cross dressing is (almost) over for another season and our mud freaks got it on this past weekend at a great provincials course on the North Shore. All sorts of Mighty representation - not many teams have riders in every single category and it speaks well to the fun we all have racing that just gets us out there to 'play'.

There were so many races i'm just going to list our results:

Elite men: Nick 5th, Morgan 12th
Elite women: Stacey 5th
Masters A men: Matt Drown 6th
Masters B men: Pat 13th, Russ 14th
Masters C men: Horacio 5th, Jay 6th
Citizen women: Haley 1st
Citizen men: Meat 1st, Barber 7th, Meshkat 13th

Some notables: Lacho skipped the all important vets ride to make a rare cross appearance, both Nick and Stacey were on the extended podium behind winners from Rocky Mountain who are some of the fastest in the world, Barber and Meat showed they are ready to go up a category, we have great if somewhat drunken fans and perhaps most concerning, a pantyless rider in our midst... See you at the Xmas party and good luck in Portland to those crossers who haven't had enough.