Sunday, June 4, 2017

Vicious Cycles - Gran Fondo Leavenworth AKA Waiting for Matt #3

Leavenworth, WA 'Murica
May 20th - 21st, 2017

Returning Jerks:
Dr. G
New Jerks:
Matt #3
Roni (wussed out on #campvibes for fear of bears)

Border waits suck! Thanks Matt #3!

Lake Wenatchee State Park (not pictured - everyone and their RV)
Bivy envy
Campers admiring the KOMPRESSOR

Rolled to a local spot for dinner where a rum and coke and a shot are all you need to warmup after a long ride on your Harley. 
Pre Race Mega Burp!
Civilized pain train

Marginal Gains - Cup holder removed, cider finished
Questionable karaoke from neighbors serenaded some to sleep, others not so much.

Boy Scout badges were earned

 After a restful? sleep it was a mad dash to pack up camp and shove food down before the drive to Peshastin for packet pickup.  Tactics were discussed, questions were asked, tire pressures debated, and vests were regrettably worn.

"what do you do if you see someone stranded on the side of the road? give them a f* you and keep riding?" - yup!

There was a much bigger turnout compared to our last gravel fondo (GFW 2016 - 106 vs 167). GFL involved two major gravel climbs and descents with a fast highway between. 

"what do you do if you see someone stranded on the side of the road? give them a f* you and keep riding?"

Arm warmers came off almost immediately and vest undone. So much for marginal gains. Today was going to be hot! On the way out, SS upped the pace on the pavement just before the gravel - sag climbing? The pace on the gravel was high and it thinned out pretty quick, but Roni was near the front so we could all take it easy - guy in the break. The descent was the usual arm numbing, self-questioning life choices - "why am I doing this again? if I go over the edge will I ever be found?". At the top of the first climb there was a snow hike-bike section and a few corners with snow on the outer edge. The first aid station was skipped as the pavement started at the bottom. A MTB'er got a free ride with KR on the pavement, Dr. G and 6 others bridged to up to KR. With two guys in the chase and Roni up the road things looked pretty good. At the main aid station, the lead group with Roni was found practicing yoga. Bottles were filled, chains were lubed, and KR was left behind in the JiffyJohn.  The highway section was fast, but the second climb was slow going with loose rocks, exposed sections of blazing sun, rattlesnakes, and mud ponds filled with butterflies. KR bridge to Dr. G who was having a rear wheel mechanical - Thanks for letting me catch up Pat! and Roni was up the road skinny dipping in a pond to cool off. Lower down Matt #3 was ripping rear derailleurs off, meeting fellow racers and Survivor local Dale. SS was sag climbing. The second descent had two foot mud ruts from all the back road motor sports, muddy hairpins, and a few trucks. Endo's were taken just to get the kit a bit dirty and KR made sure to shed some blood for good effect.

Survived and waiting for the others to arrive.


Post race calories