Sunday, October 20, 2013

Lion Cross

Our good friends at EV provided a donkey, some fake foam snow, 
waffles and, oh yeah, a CX race. 

 Meat had a fine 3rd place finish in Cat 3/4.  Full Results Here.

Quinn (above) and Rob in action.  
Thanks to Doug Brons for the photos.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

New Brighton and Vanier CX

What is perhaps Vancouver's dirtiest weekend of outdoor fun has come and gone and all sorts of Mighty kids were out playing in the mud.  

Highlights include Rob winning his first CX race at New Brighton in the 3's and Stacey's return to the trenches and podium.

Full Results for Vanier HERE.  New Brighton results should show up HERE.

Photos courtesy of Scott Robarts.  Much more on his PAGE.

Hutton:  Back in Black

Berry doing his thing.  (Photo by Asad Masede)

Berry chasing Calhoun

Dave crushing.

Meat navigating traffic.

Dave crushing some more.

Marshmallow feed.  

 Alex and Rob looking very clean before lighting it up.

Dave still crushing.