Monday, October 3, 2011

Vanier Park CX

A great turnout yesterday for some racing right in the city.  In the beautiful sunshine Meat (needs some proper CX rain and mud) was 5th, Paul 6th and Ashley 25th in the Cat 3/4.  Sidic was 12th in the Elite Men.  Basse 15th in Masters 1/2.  In the Women's Open Jenny was 5th, Stacey 8th and Haley 13th.  And Timo (Basse's wee one) narrowly edged out Sophie (Stacey's little 'un) for 3rd in the kids race.  
Check out the great pics by Doug Brons.


paul said...

Check out the one-handed "Eagle-Style" barrier technique in the 8th photo!

morgman said...

Amazing technique there Paul.

Good to see Sidic in our colours!