Sunday, October 16, 2011

Important Message From the Big Kahuna

Every team rider is required to come in to the shop and see Ed about having their stem slammed. That's right, we're throwing away years of sleepless nights thinking about head tube lengths and the relationship between head and seat tube angles, and doing fit strictly based on aesthetics now. 

See Darrel's new Mighty Team Edition Masi winter trainer (90"+ gear on the street or you'll get heckled out of the shop) for a PRO example:

Ed's been on a "slam that stem" kick for a while now, a fire that was only further fueled by the appearance of Darrel's commuter Jamis (which we recently converted to drop bars and slammed) on the site.


So come on in and get your new PRO setup—we've got 130 and 140 stems in various levels of drop. Don't let Darrel Domenko and Dave Groves be the only people on the team doing it right. 


savage said...

i wish i had 90 inches... :(

morgman said...

You're off the team!