Monday, July 28, 2014

1st Annual Pirates Ride

We've stomped around Lillooet quite a bit the last few years.  Somewhere in those whiskey fueled evenings we've thrown around the idea of doing something stupid - well, more stupid than we usually do.  So we threw out a challenge to see how quickly we could do the 'loop'.  The loop being some 570ish km's with ~6000m of elevation gain.  

So, after 18.5 hours of riding, 10 flats, 2 wrecked tires, all of Lillooet's pizza and gallons of chamois creme and sunscreen we think this was a great idea and want to do it again.  In at least a year's time.

5 of us completed the loop.  Check out the Strava's for all the deets.

Approaching the dreaded Duffy Lake climb

Rolling into Lillooet after a hard day 1.  
This is the best stretch of highway ever.  Basse told me so.

Day 2 begins.

A lovely view.

Sidic joined us for motor pacing duties.  

 Rock bites made for lots of 'rest' breaks.

 Tunnels on the Fraser Canyon Hwy.  Motto here is 'go faster'.

Back to the bad drivers and haze of the city. 

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