Monday, May 19, 2014

Enumcrawl 2014

The kids headed south over the long wknd for some zoom zoom in what is one of the fastest Stage Race wknds in Washington.  Sara finished up her run in Cat 3 (now off to the big leagues!) with a strong GC win.  But it gets better.  They race with the Cat 1/2 women and she won the tough Mud Mtn RR outright in a sprint from a select group.  Zoom zoom indeed.

As usual, Jen Gerth was helping her out and watching her back, especially in the crash filled, technical crit that featured a heavy downpour for the women.  Sadly, there was much sliding about for a good portion of the field.  Jen finished up 11th overall.

Cory finished his wknd this year in 16th overall.  Much better than last year.  Consider that demon stomped...

Oh, and BC racing is fine, at least talent-wise, as BC riders won the GC Overall in Men's and Women's Cat 1/2 and Cat 3.  We beat each other up good round these parts.

Cat 3 RR podium (photo courtesy of my incredibly shitty phone)

Cat 3 Final GC podium

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