Monday, August 5, 2013

Mission Speedway Race

In addition to the 'local' Tues and Thurs Crits, there is a weekly race series put on by Phoenix Velo and Bruce Wenting on a closed course auto/motorcycle circuit in Mission.  Mighty decided to bring a group out to race on the twisty and decidedly awesome course.

Ryan and Rob establishing the winning break.

Meat putting the hurt on that asshole Lowball.

 Asad with a great pain face.

 Summers stringing it out in his 'work' uniform.

Ashley looking chill.  Probably just waiting for the mud of CX...

Hargrove finished off the break with a sprint win and Ryan rolled in 4th.

It was great to race with some new faces on a very fun course.  Thanks to Linnaea for the sweet pics and to Stotts for the bbq.  Good beers, good times.

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