Thursday, October 25, 2012

2012 BC CX Provincials

(This past weekend was Cross Champs.  Below is Ashley's race report.  Full Results Here.)
      In anticipation of a great Sunday filled with cross-dressing in North Vancouver, I couldn't contain myself.  So I begged and pleaded to anyone that would hold still, "Please come to the US of A, and race on Saturday!".  Predictably, I went solo.  But as a surprise, I ended up 3rd in Single Speed B's (my best finish ever in Bellingham B's).  After repatriating myself, I carbo loaded like a champ, washed my skinsuit, and gave my trusty bike a once over.

      It was a dark and story night and when I awoke the sky had about fifty shades of grey.  When I saw Nick at the parking spot,  I could tell we were both ready for some classic North Van CX action.  The course was in great shape - the puddles were muddy.  Atomic Racing's Jeff Van Mulligan had added some new run-ups and noted on the Race Flyer that due to the fact that some racers destroyed the showers last year, there was no hot post-race shower action.  It was really muddy last year.  I mean, really, really muddy.
      Mighty was well represented with Pat and Meat running gears, and Nick and myself choosing to limit the potential cost of shifter replacement and racing singlespeed.

Nick Berry hustlin'.  Photo by Warwick Patterson (aka Bacon Handup).  Nick raced strong and finished 13th in the Men's Elite despite a mechanical.

Meat finished the day like he started it: warm and loud.  In between campfire singalongs, he managed to get dirty, race really hard and finish 12th with a few bails along the way.

A great photo of Pat by Doug Brons.  Damn, Pat is all about CX in this shot.  The mud, the suffer face, the fact that he probably can't see shit out of his glasses and the fact that his skinsuit is probably still in the laundry trying to get clean takes the cake.  This photo is even more awesome because this racing stuff is so hard.  Srsly hard.

Me, I had a good day.  It's been a good season so far with many more races left until the end in January.  Photo by Warwick Patterson.

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Charles Ralston said...

I stumble across your blog a while back and always wanted to ask...Are you still running the rd488 on your CX bike? How are they working out for you? How's braking? I just picked up a set abd have a bunch of questions about them and am just curious.