Friday, March 25, 2011

Nice Pants aka Barber Isn't Dead

Yesterday morning—and I use the word "morning" quite loosely—we headed up to Mt. Fromme to take advantage of the beautiful spring weather. Matt's on the verge of building a shore-friendly hardtail, so I wanted to take him up for some one-on-one work on my Brodie Catalyst.

This is the Pimp Coaster on Lower Crippler. It was in a state of disrepair until a few months ago, but now it's open for business. Matt surveyed the scene, and decided to go for it.

Note the literally man-sized first drop.

With a sleeve full of BMX skills, Matt dropped his front wheel over the edge and committed to the coaster.

The point of no return.

And with a second to re-focus, I caught him coming over the last hump squirrelly and stoked!


Matt was also nice enough to take my camera while I hit this massive plank to rock face on Expresso. He clicked the shutter just at the right time!

Light of god, beard of god.

This weekend we're setting out to pre-ride the course for next week's FVMBA Toonie race out at Sumas Mountain, while the road kids hit up what's said to be the best course in the Spring Series.


clint bonjour said...

Hayley = big air!

nikcee said...

in response to your tag... NO!