Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Mighty Xmas....part two!

There's not really much I can add to Shane's post...except that next year I'm gonna take my level from "stone cold sobre" to "warm and fuzzy". It's ok though, cause someone had to keep Lacho and Golbeck from wrecking the joint! I do however need to give a shout out, again, to our hosts and sponsors for the evening. Brett, owner of Rootdown Cafe, came through large with the location, and thanks to everyone chipping in I not only recouped on the keg but I was also able to give him a small chunk of dough for his efforts. Much appreciated buddy. Rick from R&B Brewing, obviously, for lubricating the troops early in the evening, and Liisa for the wonderful spread from the Reef Restaurant. Tanks, mon! Finally, our favourite local distributors came through LARGE with some last minute raffle prizes to keep everyone stoked. Dave Cressman (OGC) threw in a pair of Mavic shorts. Rob Bohncke at Raceface came through with an excellent box of goodies, from chainrings to shirts. Our pals at Precious Guise delivered some nice thermoses, and some amazing swag from Sugoi. The big ticket item though, the final prize, was a kick ass jacket from Gore, courtesy of our friends Kevin Calhoun and Ed Wright at Cycles Lambert. Not only did they deliver an excellent prize, but they stayed for the party and soaked up our Mighty vibe like a sponge! Thanks again you guys, and everyone that helped out! I think that was the party we wanted, no?
Here's some more pictures:

Coming off a big season with hot air to spare, Nick not only supplied the cutlery/decor/balloons, but also blew them up like a champ!

Morgan "check out my swag, yo" Taylor with his Raceface bling.

Brandon, who happens to be animal free, won the leather Sugoi strangler gloves (i want a pair of those!), and Liisa won the pink Raceface chainring right after she called me sexist for wishing it to go to a girl. Take that, suckas!

Our buddy Lawrence (Cima Coppi) won the Gore jacket. Pretty sure he bought the last ticket too....what a guy!

Happy Holidays everyone!!


Matthew said...

I ate at least 100 johnny cakes.

savage said...

asshole... i never got one!

MGB said...

Dos tings will leave ya dead of a eart attack, mon!

morgman said...

I saw Lawrence at Bandidas on Saturday night. He was wearing his Gore jacket, and I was showing off my RaceFace chain ring. No joke. Thanks so much Matt and Liisa, plus the rest of the hosting thanks that were already mentioned twice. That WAS the party we wanted.