Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sunday Rides and Racing

Well boys and girls, after months of hard training the little Mighty kids are all set for the first race of the season this weekend with the always exciting River Road Circuit Race.  This is part of the Escape Velocity Spring Series which makes March one of the hardest months of racing you can do.  See their website for all the wonderful details (including a Learn to Race Clinic this Saturday before all the racing begins):

Let's be sure to car pool for the upcoming races and this is as good a place as any to get organized and avoid the dreaded late night phone call the night before the race.  I'm out of town quite a bit, but when I am here, the Shaggin Wagon will always open it's doors to at least two racers/bikes in addition to myself.  Post in the comments section or contact me directly by email:

This leaves those of you who have been attending the Sunday rides from Our Town Cafe and are saving your legs for cross season, bike touring, beer drinking and/or fornication the right and responsibility to keep the rides going in some form or another.  Keep in mind, not all racers will do every race every weekend.  For instance I skip anything with rain or the word 'criterium' in it.  So there should always be a few bodies out there to get a good Sunday morning ride in.  Let's keep the same meeting place, Our Town Cafe, 9am for java, 9:30 ride departure and hopefully this damn weather will change so the routes can get a little more exciting.

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gowlin said...

Whoever's coming on this, I was hoping to do a longer ride ~6 hours, at a bit slower pace than our rides have been. Maybe ride out toward where the races are (Fort Langley area) or whatever.

Anyone have ideas?